Ka Ta See Red Door Healing And The Ancient Healing Arts!

What You Need To Know To Get And Stay Healthy In A 5G World!

Video 1 - "What is the Ka Ta See Red Door?"

In this first webinar we give you a brief insight into what is a Ka Ta See Red Door (KRD) and how it basically works. We’ll talk about what you do with the KRD on the most basic level and more advanced level of understanding. We will talk about how practitioners are using it in their homes and households, and also how some are using it in their professions. Ultimately, we’ll address why everyone would benefit by having a KRD.

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The Quantum Physics Effects in the Red Door Healing Work and the Ancient Energy Healing Arts - The Healing Technologies of the Future!

In this LIVE Webinar we will be talking about the ancient energy healing tradition of Ka Ta See and the Egyptian Mystery Teachings, and the Red Door Healing work, their obvious benefits to your health as well as their benefits to expanding your consciousness, to your waking up journey simply by the nature of what they are and how they are done, and because they allow you to perceive and interact with a larger degree of our universe with clarity, accuracy and a much deeper understanding.


For those of you who don’t know, the Red Door Healing work combines the traditional ancient healing teachings of Ka Ta See and the healing teachings from the ancient Egyptian Mystery Teachings from predynastic Egypt, with the work that has been done in what is called radionics.


Immersing oneself in this work is deeply transformational and healing!


In the end all healing, all transformation, is initiated at the quantum levels of our existence and Kay will be talking about those effects and transformations and how they are engaged in those healing traditions and the Red Door work.


With  both modalities, the traditional ancient energy healing and the Red Door work information and energy can be sent from the general to very specific details. In both modalities we are sending energies and information that help and instruct the body to heal itself.


These are the healing technologies of the future and anybody can learn these traditions and tools and their techniques.

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What makes the Ka Ta See Red Door and the Ancient Energy Healing Arts so effective?

We will talk about how clarity of focus and concentration of the practitioners mind is so important and how making that effect occur is dependent on that focusing ability and the amount of Life Energy the practitioner has and can wield. With the Red Door work the practitioner also utilizes the aspects of the geometry of the Red Door instrument and the quantum nature of the universe.

WEBINAR 4 - The Recording Is Available.

The importance of Life Energy in these Healing Practices!


Life Energy is the most important aspect of these energy healing modalities. Life Energy exists throughout the universe and keeps everything alive and heals and informs everything. It has the aspect of light, all forms of frequencies of light. When we’re sick we’ve lost Life Energy and we’ve lost light, we’ve lost electrons and the mitochondria, the power plant of the cells suffer from this loss and there we develop disease. The Life Energy with this light is transferred both through the space and outside of time and space.

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Lora's Red Door Bowl Party

This was an opportunity for hands on experience with the Red Door (also referred to as Red Bowl by us and practitioners using it). People in the Portland/Salam OR area,  met healing practitioners working with the Red Door and talked with others interested in this work. And of course talked with Lora Keddie, who has been using the Red Door in her healing work for a couple of years now.


Kay and I joined this gathering via live video stream for an incredible Question and Answer session. Sign up to watch the recording.

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