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What Is Coherence?

When you get real Coherence in the molecules, the cells, your systems, your entire body, and your field, there is so much resilience to outside interference. Everything in your system becomes much more resilient to the changes and damages artificial radiation can create. It clears artificial frequencies out of your system, protects from more coming in, and it creates a natural state of healing in the body so your tissue can recover. 

Coherence creates the natural frequencies within your system and within your field that are the natural state of health. All programs in these new Program Packages that Kay has created are designed to establish Coherence.


The Magic Of Coherence

This is the video to watch if you want to learn what 'Creating Health And Peace With Coherence'

is about!


Coherence Program Packages

1 Coherence

A set of programs designed to create Coherence anywhere, including, within biosystems.


2 EMF Including 5G

This package focuses on clearing out all artificial electromagnetic frequencies and fields, including 5G radiation and to protect from those frequencies and fields.


3 Oxygen

One of the greatest damages 5G and other artificial radiation does to living systems is to change oxygen molecules so much so that they can no longer be absorbed or utilized by those systems. This package returns oxygen molecules to their pristine state.


All Coherence Packages Are

Available For Download!

Even though there are no videos showing yet for the remaining Coherence Packages of Programs, thosse programs are all complete and available for download, or, for a Red Door Healing Broadcast setup, if that's what you would rather do. See the offer options below.


4 Water

5G and all artificial EMF radiation disrupts the water's ability to structure itself and create electromagnetic fields and currents. This package restores the water to its natural  structured, resurrected state that is health and life giving.


5 Environmental Energies And Poisons

This package helps to eliminate environmental poisons and substances that are toxic to life.


6 Biosystems

Using Coherence to target areas of our body's functions to restore optimal health.


7 Cancelling Out Programs

This package focuses on a technique that cancels out the frequencies and energies causing disruption.


Two Licensing Options!

We have two licensing options for the Coherence Program Packages for students and practitioners of the Red Door Healing Work!

Home Use License

for personal home use only

For personal use Ka Ta See Red Door Bowls only

Replication only for the Red Doors in your home

The program can not be replicated or used for KRD Bowl outside of the purchaser’s household

Household use includes personal pets, plants, and properties

Household Use KRD Program may not take money or earn money using the KRD Household Use Program


one time payment

Practitioner License

for practitioners who work with clients for pay

Everything in the Home Use License

Plus use for KRD Bowls that are in your personal possession, but are used for other people, animals, plants, properties, etc. that are not part of your household

You may only replicate the program to use for those KRD Bowls in your personal possession

You may earn money using the KRD Practitioner Use Program if the KRD Bowls are in your possession


one time payment


Coherence Healing Broadcast Subscription!

This offer is for you if you do not have the time to learn the Red Door Healing Work but still want to receive the benefits of these remarkable healing frequencies of Coherence.

With this offer we set up a complete Coherence Healing broadcast with your own Red Door Instrument at our offices and it will be broadcasting as many of the complete set of Coherence Healing Frequencies to you as your system asks for, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, as long as your subscription is active.

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